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USB-Testbook Trial Instructions

In order to create your trial USB-Testbook you will need to download a file from our server and have a USB memory stick of at least 4GB in size although a larger capacity stick is fine. Please note that you will need to format the USB memory stick so please ensure that you copy any important files to another disk first.

The first step is to download a self-extracting image file that will burn the Testbook image to your USB Flash Device, please note that the download file is quite large (> 1.6G Bytes) so make sure you have access to a fast Internet connection before attempting to download. The link to download the file can be found below.

USB-Testbook Download

Once the image file has been downloaded  Instructions on how to create, register and license the USB-Testbook trial can be viewed and downloaded from the link below:

          USB–Testbook Trial Registration & License