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Trial Overview

You can get a free 30 day trial of USB-Testbook that allows you to turn your x86 based computer into a powerful VoIP turn-up and maintenance tester. The trial provides all the functionality of the full product except that you cannot make calls using the G.729 codec or use the T.38 fax emulation capability as third party licenses are required which are only available on the paid product. You will however be able to use all the other features and functions of the product including CPE and Network emulation modes with support for 30 simultaneous calls.

USB-Testbook is a ‘Live’ environment running Ubuntu Linux, in order to use USB-Testbook you boot your x86 computer from the USB memory stick and it runs Linux and the Testbook application from the USB device. It runs independently from whatever operating system is installed on your hard drive and does not affect the contents of the hard drive in any way.

In order to create your trial USB-Testbook you will need to download a file from our server and have a USB memory stick of at least 4GB in size although a larger capacity stick is fine. Please note that you will need to format the USB memory stick so please ensure that you copy any important files to another disk first.

To get your free trial you will need to follow the steps below, please note that the download file is quite large (1.2G Bytes) so make sure you have access to a fast Internet connection before attempting to download.

  1. Register for a trial using the registration form below.
  2. Our trial team will email you a link and credentials to be able to download the image for USB-Testbook from our server.
  3. Download the file and save to your local disk or other storage device.
  4. Run the downloaded file on a windows machine to create the trial USB-Testbook .

Try USB-Testbook on your own x86 based computer with a free 30 day trial

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