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Installation Instructions

If you have reached this page then you should have already downloaded and saved the file using the credentials in the email that was sent to you. To create a USB-Testbook trial stick you will need a USB memory stick of at least 4GB in size although a larger capacity stick is fine. Please note that you will need to format the USB stick losing any data that may be on it so please make sure you remove any important files on the stick first.

The file you downloaded (USB-Testbook-Trial.exe) is a zipped image in a self extracting executable file, run this program on a Windows machine and it will ask you where you want to extract and save the file. The extracted file is quite large and will be around 4.0GB in size, if you wish to check that the file has downloaded correctly then you can check the MD5 checksum of the file which should be ‘05d6b85fec9403f2dc8f7ca013aaf43c’. If you do not have an MD5 checksum utility you will find a number of free utilities for Windows if you Google MD5 Checksum utility or similar on the Internet.

To burn the downloaded image to your USB stick download the Windows Utility ImageUSB which is a program that allows you to copy USB sticks as well as burn image file to USB. Once you have downloaded this utility follow the instructions below in order to create your Trial USB-Testbook stick.

  1. Insert the USB memory stick into your computer go to Computer and right click the USB drive and then select format. Ensure you are formatting the correct device this should be under the section Devices with Removable Storage when you selected Computer. Make sure you select the File system as FAT32 as shown below then click start.

  1. Once the USB memory stick is formatted run the ImageUSB application that you downloaded earlier and you should see a screen similar to that below:

  1.  Select the USB stick that you want to write the image file to ensure that you have the correct USB device selected if  you have more than one USB device inserted into the PC.
  2. Use the browse button to locate where you saved the extracted image file.
  3. Click on the Write to UFD button to start the burn to USB process, you will be presented with a couple of dialogue boxes to check that you want to proceed. If you answer ‘Yes’ to both these boxes then the image file will be written to the USB stick and the program will then verify the image before displaying a message that the image is complete. It can take a few minutes to burn and verify the image so please be patient, go make yourself a cup of coffee!
  4. Your USB-Testbook trial stick is now complete, to boot from the USB stick and start the licensing process please open and print off the PDF document below or download and open on a different PC that you will use to run USB-Testbook so that you can read whilst following the process.

          USB–Testbook Trial Registration & License