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Cloud-Testbook helps organisations reduce their operational costs and increase customer satisfaction providing an automated self-service VoIP test capability.

VoIP service providers and VoIP equipment providers can test and troubleshoot customers remote network connections to ensure that VOIP service is operational. By using a standard web-browser Cloud-Testbook can test that VoIP calls are possible and test the quality of each call by providing a media quality (MOS) indication.

Cloud-Testbook unlike other solutions uses real SIP calls and RTP packets with encoded Voice data to test customers networks ability to accept and make calls. This is all done from the web-browser of a standard PC without the need for dedicated hardware probes to be placed at the customers site.

As well as being used for in-service testing Cloud-Testbook can also be used by organisations wanting to carry out pre-deployment testing. Using the powerful VoIP Audit feature Cloud-Testbook is able to report potential problems with network configuration and VoIP deployment remotely without the need for a technician or engineer to visit the customers site.  

Cloud-Testbook provides remote automated active testing of VoIP services and user network problems through customers web-browser